Casey Feehan mostly eats.

Hi, I'm Casey. mostly eats is my home for all the things I like; a collection of photographs, items, and ideas. It's mostly food, but some travel adventures or a very soft-looking puppy might show up from time to time, too.

I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in being nice, and after working in restaurants both near and far, these days I'm doing a bit more photography and writing than slicing and serving. Currently, I handle the photography and social media for the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan—which means I spend a lot of time taking photos of future chefs and wondering if my boss will get mad that I just referenced a Drake song in a company tweet.

I hope you like what you see; if you feel like sending me a note, please do! And thanks in advance.

The blog is still under a bit of construction—apologies if you run into any issues!